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What is ADSL?

The new "Killer application" is in the internet NOT a product or application - it is bandwidth.

Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) is, simply put, HIGH SPEED ACCESS. It is a simple way to upgrade your existing modem connection over an existing twisted-pair copper lines into high-speed, high-bandwidth digital line.



DSL is a cheap, simple and cost effective way to increase your speed (and therefore bandwidth) in order to enable the internet. Previously, with modem technology, you were only able to do simple work or surfing due to the speed limitations of modem technology. If you ever tried to download a file, say an excel spreadsheet (we all know how large they are) you would have to wait for ages to get anything done. With DSL you effectively jump an order of magnitude in your speed thereby allowing you to have the feel of being connected to a LAN or very high speed connection.

This essentially allows the end user to have fast access to video and audio streaming media, large file download, websites, multiplayer gaming and a wide range of other Internet applications.

For a company the benefits are even more, ADSL will help you deliver on the enormous benefits of remote access (VPN), .The bandwidth DSL offers removes many of the speed obstacles to giving end users the feel just as if they were plugged into your normal desk at the company's offices.

Also, because it uses your normal phone lines, you can STILL use your existing phone simultaneously while surfing the internet.



  • The BIGGEST benefit: Speeds 5-25 times faster than a conventional 56kbps modem
  • Uninterrupted, high-speed Internet access that's always on-line - it uses the higher frequency spectrum of your existing line so you can talk on the phone and surf at the same time. With the UNLIMITED accounts, there is no need to ever turn off your connection!
  • Instant connect - Authentication and setup is so fast, you're online as soon as you open an internet application.
  • Cheap - compared to ISDN, ADSL is extremely cheap!

The following table approximately displays the time DIFFERENCE when downloading different files.

File Size 56K modem ISDN 64K ADSL 256K ADSL 1500K
1Mb 5 minutes 2 minutes 32 seconds 8 second
5Mb 23 minutes 10 minutes 2 minutes 30 seconds
40Mb 2.5 hours 1.4 hours 21 minutes 3.5 minutes

Remember, typically your files are around 5Meg when working from home.

Below is a comparison of download and upload speeds.


How your ADSL is Connected?

Depending on what type of network you have at home or office, you have 2 different options

  • Ethernet DSL router

  • USB DSL router 

If you have more than one computer (or laptop*) and want to connect all the machines to the internet, you are probably already Ethernet cards and cables to connect the machines with a hub. The Ethernet DSL option is therefore the way to go here. 

If you don't have a Ethernet card installed in your machine, then USB DSL Router is the way to go. It may be simpler and cheaper to install an ethernet card as it offers the flexibility to connect more than one machine to the internet. However, you can run sharing and force the USB connected computer to act as a gateway for other machines. In our view this is not the optimum solution. 

(*) Most laptops come integrated with Ethernet/modem cards. Where this is not the case, most often laptops have a USB port.

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