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The following programs have been made available for downloading directly to your computer. Alternatively, they can now be ordered on CD for only $22 (plus $2.50 postage and handling). To order your Cosmos Utilities CD, just Email us with your details. For a complete list of the applications found on the Cosmos Utilities CD check the files list below.

Dial-Up Maker for Windows 95/98 230k Bytes
Automatically Creates A Dialup For Cosmos

Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 for Windows 95/98/NT/2000 50,173 KBytes
Microsoft's Latest Offering with Outlook Express Email Client
Netscape Communicator 4.7 for Windows 95/98/NT 18,523 Kbytes
Netscape's All-In-One Communication Package.
Netscape Communicator 4.7 for Windows Powermac 13,284 Kbytes
Netscape's All-In-One Communication Package.
Netscape Navigator 4.08 for Windows 3.1 9,093,657 Bytes
Basic Browser & Email with Java Support
Netscape Navigator 4.08 for Windows 95/98/NT 10,207,782 Bytes
Basic Browser & Email with Java Support
Netscape Navigator 4.08 for Macintosh 68xxx 3,694,080
Basic Browser & Email with Java Support
Netscape Navigator 4.08 for PowerMac 8,086,528
Basic Browser & Email with Java Support


The Cosmos Utilities CD is available for only $22 (plus $2.50 postage and handling). To order your Cosmos Utilities CD, just Email us with your details.

If you don't want to spend hours and hours downloading stuff from the Internet, the Cosmos Utilities CD will save you time and money. All software is shareware/freeware and has been fully tested and free of viruses!. The Cosmos Utilities CD currently contains almost 600 Megabytes of the latest programs and drivers.

The following programs are available on the Cosmos Utilities CD (Updated 1/6/2001):
  • Netscape Communicator 4.76 for Windows 95/98/NT
  • Netscape Navigator 4.08 for Windows 3.1/95/98/NT/Mac68000/PowerMac
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 for Windows 95/98/NT/2000
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 Service Pack 1
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer Browser Accessories
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer Power Tweaks
  • 3DFX Reference Drivers for Voodoo2 and Banshee Video Cards
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.5 - View PDF files
  • ACDSee 3.1 Image Viewer - Thumbnail viewer and converter for GIF and JPG images
  • ACDSee Powerpac - Thumbnail viewer and much more
  • AddRemove Cleaner - Removes unwanted entries in your Add/Remove Programs
  • AllAdvantage Viewbar - Get paid to surf the web
  • Animagic - Create animated GIF images
  • BlackIce Defender - Personal Firewall software to block unwanted intruders
  • BootManager - Create multiple boot options for different operating systems
  • BuddyPhone - Add voice chat support to ICQ
  • BuzzOff - Get rid of those annoying pop up windows
  • CacheMan - Manage Windows Cache settings for optimal performance
  • CaptureEze - Capture and print any part of your screen
  • Catchup 1.3 - Check your software and drivers for latest versions
  • CD Spectrum Pro - Shows CD spectrum when playing music
  • Cool Edit 2000 - Modify and manipulate WAV Files with heaps of special effects
  • Crescendo Plugins for Explorer and Netscape- Add MIDI music support to your browser
  • CuteFTP 4.0 - Versatile FTP program for uploading/downloading files
  • CyberView - Adjust JPG images on the fly with quality and image size preview
  • CoverYourTracks - Remove the history list in Netscape & Explorer
  • Desktop Shield 2000 - Lock and protect your PC when you're not around
  • Drivers - For Adaptec, Canon, Diamond & Umax products, & NVida Graphics cards
  • PowerDVD - View DVD files and CD's with software decoding
  • Eudora Lite- Versatile Email client
  • Flash 5 & Shockwave Plugins for Internet Explorer & Netscape
  • FlexEd32 - Excellent HTML editing program
  • FXP - FTP program between two ISP's
  • GetRight 4.2 - Download manager, resumes broken downloads
  • GIFAnimator - Another GIF animation program
  • GoldWave - Record/edit/convert WAV audio samples
  • HexEdit - Edit files in HEX mode
  • ICQ 2000 - Chat and transfer files with your buddies online
  • IPTools 1.8 - Telnet, Finger, WhoIs, TraceRT etc.
  • Internet Gate - Share your modem across a LAN
  • Internet Meter - Monitor your connection speeds and status
  • Internet Phone 5 - Use a camera for video chat
  • JetAudio 4.6 - A multimedia studio/rack - play CD's, MIDI, WAV and more
  • Memturbo 2.1 - Optimise and free up system resources
  • MIRC 6.0 - An IRC chat program
  • MJ Studio - Mix MP3's like a DJ
  • ModemLamps - Displays onscreen modem activity
  • Modem Doctor - Complete diagnostics for your modem
  • Microsoft Patches - Service packs and updates Windows 95/98/NT/2000. Including: Media Player 7, DirectX 8, NT Service Pack 6, Service Packs for Office 97 & 2000, Year 2000 Updates, USB Supplement for Windows 95, Visual Basic Runtime Libraries, AMD Compatiblity Update, DCom for Win 9x etc.
  • MP3CDMaker 1.6 - Turn MP3 files into Audio CD's
  • MusicMatch 6 - Create MP3 Files of your favourite music CD's
  • Napster - Exhange your favourite mp3 with your online friends
  • Nero - CD burning software for data and audio
  • Net2Phone - Use the internet for normal phone conversations
  • NetNanny - Restrict and block internet usage against unwanted sites
  • Net Sonic - Improve your internet speeds
  • NetToob - Another video conferencing program
  • Novell Client Updates
  • Nuts & Bolts - Diagnose & fix Windows settings and performance
  • OnTrack Advisor - Analyses your software for Y2K problems
  • PaintShopPro - An excellent graphics drawing program
  • Plugins - Various addons including Shockwave for browsers
  • PowerDVD - Playback DVD movies
  • PowerStrip - Optimise your Voodoo card performance
  • PrintScreen - Use that key on your keyboard to capture and print stuff on your screen
  • Quicktime 4 - Play animations within your browser
  • Quotetracker 2.02 - Check and monitor your stocks in realtime with your favourite online broker
  • RandSig - Attach random signature tags to your emails
  • Real Entertainment Centre - Real Audio 8, Real Jukebox and Real Download
  • RegClean - Repair Registry problems
  • Seti@Home 3.03 - Help in the Search for Extraterestrial Intelligence with this unique screensaver
  • SimpleSubmit - Submit your site to popular search engines
  • System Mechanic - Diagnose and repair Windows system files and settings
  • TalkingEmail - Have your email read to your with this voice synthesizer
  • Talisman - Modify your desktop themes with a cool twist
  • TimeLog - Never lose track of how much time you've used the internet
  • Tweaki - Modify hidden Windows 95 settings
  • Tweek Dun 2.23 - Modify your TCP/IP settings for optimal performance
  • VisualRoute - Displays actual routes of data being sent across the internet on a map of the world
  • WebCam32 - Set up your own internet webcam
  • WebTime - Monitor your online time statistics
  • WinAmp 2.73 - Play MP3 files, small and compact player
  • WinARJ - Compress/Decompress ARJ files
  • WinBoost - Modify hidden Windows 98 settings
  • WindowsCommander - Enhanced Windows Explorer with configurable buttons
  • WinGate 3.02 - Share your modem across a LAN
  • WinImage - Create images of floppy disks into a single file for easy transfer
  • WinMX - Napster like transfer program for all types of files
  • WinRAR - Compress/Decompress RAR files
  • WinRescue 95/98 - Backup and restore windows registries
  • WinRIP - Create MP3 and WAV files quickly and easily from audio CD's
  • WinZIP 8 - Compress/Decompress ZIP Files
  • WinZIP Self Extractor - Convert ZIP Files to self-extracting files
  • WorldTime - Display times from multiple time zones
  • WSFinger - Finger client to ping IP addresses
  • Y2K - Microsoft Y2K testing software for Microsoft Software
  • Y2K Advisor - Ontrack's Y2K Hardware testing program
  • Yahoo Messenger - Chat and conference with your Yahoo friends



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