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With the high cost of having your own IT staff to look after your network and communications needs, it makes sense that small to medium size business look at outsourcing their IT know-how for a fraction of what it would cost to hiring dedicated staff.

We can address all your needs from sourcing and setting up computer equipment to consulting on what types of products will suit your needs to setting up major IT projects.

We have a no-nonsense, practical, "get it right the first time" approach to your business needs, we are interested in developing SOLUTIONS that WORK to address your short and long term requirements.

Consultancy Charges Comments
Hourly $120 Per hour or part thereof  
Support Package On Application Entitles you to a set amount of free consultancy per month
Per project Quote and schedule will be supplied Depends on complexity
Onsite Software Installation $120 Per hour or part thereof eg. Internet Explorer, mail clients etc..


Typically, we will sit down with the relevant staff in your organisation to listen to requirements and concerns. We will then talk about the various solutions both technological and what sort of ball park costs/timeframe we can get the solution delivered in. Once this is established, we will do a formal document outlining what the solution is and the timeframes/payment schedules. 

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