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Cosmos Internet Services offers a range of flexible and cost effective connect rates for domestic and business users. 

For Credit Card Customers

For Invoice only Customers


Unlimited Access - For Credit Card (home) customers

These rates apply to home users with a credit card only.

Once off $20 connection fee applies to all new unlimited accounts.

Unlimited Access Monthly $27.45 Yearly $275
2 Email Addresses
NO Hourly Time Limit (*)
NO Download Limit (*)
Once off $20 Joining Fee
NO Administration Fees (**)
10 Megabyte of Hard Disk Space 
Price includes 10% GST

(*) Note restrictions do apply see acceptable usage policy
In the event modems are 95% engaged, Cosmos will automatically disconnect the oldest users with idle time on the system. These users may then reconnect immediately if desired. Cosmos policy is to increase the size of the modem pool when modem utilization reaches 95% average consistently over a four week period.

(**) Remote Administration is free within the first hour, where a Cosmos employee or affiliate has to come onsite or remote support is taking longer than an hour, a small callout fee will be charged depending on length of time or complexity of the remedy. Our credo is to make sure everyone can use our internet services with a minimum of fuss and knowledge.

Monthly Access - Our cheapest way to access the internet

Typically, light users who will use less than 20 hours a month should look at this rate.

Monthly Access Beginner
Monthly $21.95
20 hrs pm
1 Email Address
10 Megabyte of Hard Disk Space 
Overtime hours charged at $1.95 per hour
No Setup Charges
Price includes 10% GST

Monthly Business 56K Dialup Packages 

Typically, these services services are used by Small Business to maintain their Internet web site and corporate emails.

Monthly Bronze Gold Platinum
Monthly $44.00 Monthly $49.50 Monthly $55.00
150 hrs pm (*) 250 hrs pm (*) 350hrs pm (*)
5 email addresses
NO Download Charges
NO setup fee
10 Megabyte of Hard disk Space
Free Domain name registration and web hosting
Rates include 10% GST
Analogue Dialup only
Overtime hours charged at $1.95 per hour

(*) Any unused hours in that month cannot be moved forward into the next month.

Permanent IP Connections

Typically, these services services are used by Medium sized Businesses to maintain their Internet web site and corporate emails. This service is often used in conjunction with an Internet Server.

Cosmos Internet recognizes the importance of fast, reliable connections to business for whom time is money. Permanent connections are available through a modem or the increasingly popular and cost-effective, higher bandwidth of digital ISDN.

Permanent connections provide an uninterrupted; 24 hour dedicated connection to the Internet. This ensures you always have an available connection. A permanent connection saves you money in phone charges and allows you to have live e-mail and web access.

Permanent IP 56K Modem 64K ISDN
  Monthly $55.00 Monthly $110.00
  Unlimited - No Download Limit
  No Setup Fee

For higher Speeds, please contact us.


Multiple Corporate Accounts

Corporate users who host or connect their main servers off Cosmos services can get their 'roaming' or mobile users to connect through Cosmos to access their corporate server (and the rest of the internet). 

What its good for: It's a discounted dialup account for your employees or roaming sales people to be able to access the internet and your own server with a minimum of fuss. 

The advantage: Rather than having multiple dialup username/password accounts to administer, Cosmos provides one dialup account with generous bandwidth allowances. Therefore the administration is simple, one username, one password and you can set this up on as many machines as you want. The only block is that you can have a maximum of 4 simultaneous connections on the servers.

Multiple Corp Accounts 56K Modem
  4 dialup accounts
  Monthly $88.00
  Unlimited - No Download Limit
  No Setup Fee

Note: Download Limits are calculated combining the total from each session. Therefore if two users are logged in, their bandwidth is the total sum of each individual session.



  • All our rates include GST. To see more about our position on GST click here
  • Price does do not include telecommunications charges.
  • Sessions may be limited to a 4 hour maximum during peak periods.
  • Individual e-mail messages are not limited in size. Each mailbox is 10MB in size.
  • All accounts are paid and debited at the end of each month.
  • Unused Monthly free hours are not carried over to the next month.
  • Hourly fees are charged per minute used.
  • Cosmos and Mikka Internet Services reserve the right to change pricing policy at any time without notice.
  • Cosmos and Mikka Internet Services reserves the right to terminate or suspend this Agreement if your activities (in Cosmos and Mikka Internet Services judgment) unreasonably restrict, inhibit, or degrade any other Customer's use of the Services, or represent an unusually large burden on Cosmos and Mikka Internet Services.


These rates are effective as of 21st July 2001.
Standard Terms and Conditions Apply.

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